ESO Nightblade DPS, Tank and Healing Build Guide

Building your ESO Nightblade healer, tank or high DPS character

A wide range of options awaits as you dive into building a Nightblade in ESO. Here are a few tips and guides for many different builds & roles you can play as a Nightblade.

Nightblade 1-50 Leveling Build & Guide:

Nightblade Leveling Build

Tip #1 – Questing is definitely the quickest way to level in Elder Scrolls Online. You’ll want to bang out as many quests and do it as quickly as possible to start out. The first few quests are easy to start and complete. Once it becomes hairy and difficult you may want to seek out a good questing and/or leveling guide. If you’re going to get a premium ESO leveling guide, be sure the one you choose includes leveling for all three alliances. Once you level to veteran rank, you’ll want to guide for the other two!

Tip #2 – Acquiring skill points – There are many ways to earn skill points in ESO but when you first start out, getting skill points is not quick or easy. You will need to unlock your active abilities and passives that you’ll want to grab and it may, at times, seem like you don’t have enough skill points to get them. You will always want to be keeping an eye out for Skyshards as you’ll receive a skill point for every 3 shards you collect. You can find locations, maps, directions and strategies for finding and absorbing Skyshards at ESO universe. They also recommend in-game addons that show you where all Skyshards are located. Doing and completing 4 person dungeons will award a pretty good chunk of exp and a skill point once there are unlocked.

Tip #3 – Your consumables are important! Your food and potions are a life saver, know what you have and how & when to use them. I can’t stress enough how valuable they will be to you! They also give you some good buffs which will make your leveling faster and easier. A quick guide on TF or a simple video guide will show you how to slot all your consumables in your inventory. Simply drag and drop your items into the quick slots.

Tip #4 – Mob destruction and looting – When you defeat a group of enemies, be sure to use the ‘area loot’ feature. It will make looting the area much quicker and easier. Do not neglect your armor – be sure to repair armor often as it will constantly be degrading as you battle.

A good Eso nightblade build will be time consuming and will require lots of trial and error. Watch some videos, thoroughly study and learn each skill and their morphs and examine sample and pre-built Nightblades. ESO Universe has guides and videos for all types of Nightblade builds! Just a few examples of the different play style builds you’ll find…

Veteran Rank Solo Build
Daggers/Bow NightBlade – Race/Skills/Armour/Weapons/Passives/Set Pieces
NightBlade Veteran Rank 1 High Burst DPS
PVE DPS Nightblade Build (Leveling Guide 1-50 & VR1 Build)
Predator PvP Nightblade
PvE Dagger crit Nightblade
Nightblade bow leveling
Ranger/archer bow/leveling
Veteran rank nightblade tank build
Assassinator builder for Nightblade
Nightblade AOE strategies (Bow)
Assassin DPS casters
Dual Wield high DPS NB
Nightblade archer leveling spec/build/guide


Taking a look at leveling guides for ESO

What are the good choices for ESO Leveling Guides?


eso leveling guides

Questing, Exploration and Defeating Enemies:

Completing quests and exploring the environment are two good ways to gain a lot of experience points and level up in ESO. Elder Scrolls Online is designed to encourage players to do the quests & explore Tamriel. Many quest lines will lead you to important items and information as well as provide tons of XP once completed. As you travel through your faction’s zones you will come across lots of bookshelves, baskets and lots of other items to check. You will find books to read, items, quests and more. Be sure to travel and uncover and loot everything! Many of these items (motif books & valuable items) are well hidden and will require either a lot of time to collect or get a guide for leveling in ESO that includes all items to find.

Killing enemies in ESO will also rack up EXP points, help you level your skills, weapons & armor. Many enemies drop important items once you kill them. Any good leveling guide will certainly include grinding paths, racial motif book locations, specific dungeons to visit for top level items. Check ESO Universe and the user reviews/testimonials on some of the Elder Scrolls Online leveling guides found around the net.

Leveling Your Crafting Professions:

Leveling up your crafts will be time consuming and slow at first. You will want to start searching for and collecting materials as soon as possible. For levels 1 through 20, it will be especially slow but here are a few tips to get you started:

Extraction – The process of destroying armor or weapons that you have – it will give you ingots and honing stones (for improvement) and you will need ten to make each ingot. You can also use a pick ax to mine raw ore or other materials you find on your travels but the easiest way is by destroying items.

Crafting – Woodworkers can craft staffs and bows. As you level up you will be able to use better materials to make your weapons stronger. The more material you use for crafting each item, the higher the stats will be. The aesthetics of your items will depend on the style you use. Each player begins the game with only one style (the style of your race) but you learn new style by finding and ‘reading’ books. Each style has a specific item you will need to use to craft the particular style. For light armor you will need to go to a clothing crafting station and make what you need.

Improvement – You will receive improvement items from looting and destroying pieces. Simply choose the item you want to improve and choose the amount of items you want to put on it. You have a certain chance percentage that it will work so you’ll need to use as many items as possible to make the advancement to the next level. The improvement system requires you to explore and find different resins to improve your bows and other weapons.

Find a good leveling guide for ESO to help you with all aspects of Elder Scrolls Online gameplay. A good guide will include everything from leveling your class skills to leveling your crafts, guild skills, armor and weapons, complete guides for all game quests, etc. ESO Universe provides some basic guides and videos and you can also find a top strategy guide for eso leveling. Be sure to select a guide that includes end game (veteran) content as well. There are a few good leveling guides listed at Eso universe that are updated, all-inclusive and very well received by members that have used them.


Builds for ESO Dragonknight, Sorcerer, Templar & Nightblade

How to build the most powerful & effective ESO characters!


ESO Character Creation

The first thing to realize is that your ESO class choice doesn’t dictate your roll as you might think. The only thing that really separates the Elder Scrolls Online classes from each other is their three class skill lines. The Dragonknight, Nightblade, Sorcerer and Templar can all use any/all weapons which gives the player access to a variety of abilities – no class is restricted as to weapon choice. For example, if you want to play a healer in ESO, most people would select the Templar due to it’s healing Restoring Light tree. However, you can build just as good a healer as a Sorcerer or Nightblade by using the Restoration Staff. The Resto Staff offers a line of healing abilities like Grand Healing, Regeneration, Blessing of Protection, Steadfast Ward and Force Siphon that any character can use.

There are two weapon slots to fill and you can select two of the same weapon or two different weapons. This will allow access to a total of 12 skills (5 regular and one ultimate on each bar). You’ll have access to all kinds of different abilities regardless of which class you pick. For example, if you want to be a ranger you can select the Bow and have access to all the abilities associated with the Bow like Poison Arrow, Volley, Scatter Shot, Arrow Spray & Snipe. So select a class with skills that compliment the weapon skills, such as the Nightblade. Nightblades are loaded with stealthy skills with the ability to disappear during combat.  A Templar Archer is a good combo with the self healing skills, crowd control and ranged ability. The point is, there are a ton of really good builds for ESO that are not necessarily built using what people label the ‘default class’ for a particular role. Here is a great example:

Dragonknight Ardent Flame

ESO Dragonknight Builds

ESO Dragonknight Builds are often tanks and many people don’t think Dragonknights can be great at anything other than tanking. This couldn’t be further from the truth because a Dragonknight can be built to be one of the best casting, mage-type builds in ESO. Using the Destruction Staff focused on fire damage (Ardent Flame Tree) and it’s support abilities from the other two skill lines, it can be one of the better and stronger PvP AND PvE builds. These builds use mostly or all light armor and are extremely strong casters! So don’t choose your class based on the role you think it fits best. First decide the role you want to play… archer, tank, healer, etc. then check out all the class abilities on ESO Head and choose based on how well each class skills go with your chosen role/play style. Even a Sorcerer can be made into a pretty strong tank using the class defense abilities that pair well with the one handed and shield which provide defensive passives and taunt. Add some heavy armor and you’re on your way to leveling up to a good Sorcerer tank build. One of the better archer builds in ESO utilizes Templar! Nightblades probably make the best archers but there are plenty of amazing Templar Bow builds that rival even the Nightblade.